The Chilean music industry is experiencing a unique moment in its history, driven by a generation of artists who have positioned our country as a creative pole in Latin America. Around this vibrant creative community, independent music companies and agents have dedicated themselves to developing, promoting and positioning this talent.
Chilean music stands out for its attributes, its quality and the origin from which it emerges. Although we are a country far from the main poles of development, it has generated the opposite effect: being far from the rest of the world invites us to seek a greater connection with it. The trade and collaboration, together with the character and audacious spirit, have allowed Chilean music to overcome the obstacles to insert itself in international markets thanks to its personality, creativity and resilience.
Our offer consists of goods, services and catalog (artists and musical works) that we seek to position in the world through a varied ecosystem, companies such as: record labels, Booking & Management agencies, communications agencies, digital marketing, consultancies, production music, event and festival production, physical and digital distributors, publishers, synchronization and licensing of works, among others.


Music supervision for movies, TV series, commercials and other audiovisual productions