"Chile´s videogame industry has grown parallel with the rise of new technologies, devices, and development within the industry that have also led to a rise in the consumption and business models behind videogames.

This portfolio is made up of:
Development of a videogame with proprietary or external IP, for entertainment, education, advertising, and health are available for:
• Mobile (Android, IOS)
• PC (MAC, Windows, Linux)
• WEB (HTML5, WebGL, Facebook)
• Consoles (XBOX (One, Series X/S), Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 & 5, PSvita, WiiU, 3Ds)
• VR&AR (virtual and augmented reality)

Additional services:
• Contracting
• Co-development
• Licencing

Complementary services or products:
• Game Code
• Game Assets (2D, 3D)
• Animation
• Music & Sound
• Legal & Development Counselling
• Localization"


No products available.