Flowers, plants and bulbs


Chile has a Mediterranean climate with well-marked seasons in the central regions of the country and rainy seasons in the south, along with fertile soils and a phytosanitary heritage. This allows the country to be an important producer and exporter of bulbs and flowers. In 2019, Chile was the third largest exporter of bulbs in the world, mainly lilies and tulips, primarily for the Northern Hemisphere. The shipments of tulips, peonies, and calla lilies to the Netherlands and the United States establish Chile as a strong exporter of bloomed flowers. The nursery industry has a phytosanitary protocol to export to more than fifty-six destination markets and more than eighty propagation material products for fruit trees, vines, and vegetables. Chile also is an important exporter of plants that include: blueberries, strawberries, and grape vines, among others. Currently these companies are dedicated to their international strategies, quality, and a sustainability seal for fruit plants.