Packaged wines


Chile is recognised for being a supplier of reliable and high-quality wines worldwide, being currently the first exporting country in the new world. It has seventeen wine sub regions throughout its territory, that is, almost 1,500 kilometres and more than 356 vineyards. It has an attractive and diverse offer of high added value with niche, signature, natural, organic and biodynamic wines, which reach the most demanding world markets. It is an offer with its own identity, which reflects its complex and extensive territory, respect for the environment and for local communities, which are part of the culture, history, thus marking a heritage value. Over the last ten years, 80 % of Chilean bottled wine exports have been produced respecting the environment, under the sustainability code developed during that period. It is a wine aimed at an audience around the world wanting to try different products; an experience that reflects the diversity of valleys, climates, territories and communities.


Bottled wine, fruit pulp or aromatic preparations

Bottled white wine (Riesling, Pinot Blanc, mixtures and others)