Precious Metals and byproducts


"The manufacturing of speacial use machinery rose by 33.1% by September of 2020 and represented 4.9% growth in the industry due to the increased demand in machinery for mines, quarries, construction projects. It was the only sector to see growth in 2020. The other 8 subsectors that compose the metalmechanic and metallurgy industry all reported decreases in production totaling 9.7% decreases in growth. Through September 2020 exports in this sector totaled US $1.3 billion, a 16.8% decrease compared to the same period in 2019. The primary foreign destinations are Peru, The United States, Brazil, and Argentina, accounting for a total value of US $503 million in exports, respresenting 55.1% of the sector. The primary value-added products from Chile are copper wire, bars and profiles, respiratory aparatuses, gas masks, car parts and accessories (mainly gear boxes). Chile also produces other alloys and steels that include hollowed bars for drilling. Chilean imports of these products as of September 2020 have decreased by 18.8% compared to the same period in 2019. China continues to be the primary supplier for the metalmechanic and metallurgy industry, valuing US $5.7 billion (35.9% of total). The industry is well connected and collaborative, with Asimet and Asexma representing 200 industry members.


Other precious metals (plaque, palladium, rhodium and others)