Health products and pharmaceuticals


"Chile's healthcare and pharmaceutical industries are driven by high levels of investment in research and development, aimed to promote successful and timely diagnoses through research, evaluation, and independent certification processes. Chilean companies develop medical equipment and software, including components, parts, and accessories intended for prevention, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, and contraception.
Chile's pharmaceutical sector is regulated by the Public Health Institute, known for its high standards. To compete in foreign markets, Chile's health sector requires level IV classification. There are thirteen level IV pharmaceutical plants with the ability to export to the US, Australian, European, and Latin American markets. National laboratories provide quality medications at a fair price (bioequivalence) to more than fifty-eight markets."


Pharmaceutical products (bandages, catgut, gauzes)

Pharmaceutical products (reactives, cements and others)

Pharmaceutical products (antimicrobial, vitamin, hormones, vaccines and others)