Lumber and related products


"Chile has seventeen million hectares of forest, equivalent to 23.7% of the country´s total area. About 86% of these forests are natural forests (14.6 million hectares, while 14% of which are plantations (2.4 million hectares) resources. This is equivalent to 23.7% of the total area of the country. These forests are primarily located between the Maule and Magallanes regions.
This industry has demonstrated a strong commitment to sustainability and environmentally friendly practices. At the end of the 1990s, sustainable forestry practices began to be implemented, through receiving certification from globally recognized entities that include the PEFC and FSC.
Of total cut wood produced in Chile, 36% is intended for the production of wood pulp for the cellulose and paper industry; 34.7% to the sawmill industry; 16.1% for the export of splinters, and 10.4% to the production of boards and sheets. The remainder fall into other uses that include posts and impregnated idlers."