Alcohols and Spirits (pisco)


Pisco is found in the fertile and sunny valleys of the Atacama and Coquimbo regions in northern Chile. Pisco is a wine distillate that comes from aromatic grapes and has the oldest Denomination of Origin (DO) in the Americas. Pisco is regulated under strict controls and a commitment to delivering high quality standards to consumers. Pisco is commonly found in its transparent or dark (aged) varieties, and the various alcohol grades and the varietal of the grape will allow consumers to tasts it in its pure format or in mixed drinks, which transport it to a unique world of sensations and aromas. Over 2,800 producers work every day so that they can enjoy an important part of Chile's historical and cultural heritage in each bottle. Over the last five years, Chile has also began to produce an interesting portfolio of gin. Each manufacturer has its own seal that certifies the use of ingredients native to Chile.