Musical production


Musical Production by Carlos Valenzuela. Carlos is an engineer and musician, candidate for a Master in Innovation and Scrum Master. He is a member of the funk band PapaNegro, Los Plumabits and Zinatel. He has worked composing the music for various animated series for TV and Film, as well as having played with bassist Stanley Clarke and being a student of Warner Chappel composer Cris Zalles.


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Casa Robot is a music label focused in connect different genres musician with common objetives. With collaborative work we look short the gap between creative process and distribution-promotion activities. Since 2017 Casa Robot has published more than 30 albums/singles for artist like PapaNegro, Jemmy Button, spanish urban artist Heirah, Berklee jazz musician Joaquin Bustamante and folk songwriter La Coleccionista de Ataduras. Since 2021 Casa Robot signed a syncronization deal with Fox/Disney.

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