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Kawallu Travel o ers the innovative equestrian holiday passport, which allows you to enjoy a tailor-made trip, with exclusive routes, safely designed for you. Many people think that to go on a horseback vacation you need to at least have some riding experience, but with Kawallu Travel it doesn't necessarily need to be that way. We can cater for new riders, families, children, those that haven ́t ridden in a long time, as well as experienced riders looking for a challenge, to design a wonderful adventure just for you. With the passport, you can select and mix and match outes to suite all levels


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Expert in horseback riding vacations, Kawallu Trave is increasingly sought after for Horse Riding Holidays. Kawallu Travel is a specialized tour operator that for more than two decades has traveled the most interesting landscapes and corners of Chile and organizes the most original and complete experiences for tourists. Jaime Zaror, CEO of Kawallu Travel, a publicist by profession, is a lover of horses and a life lived in nature. He decided to pursue his life ́s passion studying the characteristics of the Chilean breed horse, Chile ́s territories and its culture, to shape an experience that he o ers to visitors who share the same passion. With Kawallu travel you can share this incomparable riding vacation experience.

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