Cultural Management


Cultural Management: we provide comprehensive advice and organization of events that fit the clients’ needs, helping to promote and position them through the tools of the cultural world. We are focused on promoting spaces where the public, creators, culture and business can come together.


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Puro Chile is a Pioneer publishing house of art, architecture design and photography. We create, produce and distribute books that seek to transport the creator’s signature. Through our experience and passion, we have published and distributed globally creators, through high quality unique and personalized books. We offer Publishing House Services that ranges from selecting and producing content in accordance with our clients’ goals to the promotion and distribution of books across the world, and Cultural Management Services, where we provide advice and organization of events that fit the clients’ needs. We have published authors like Smiljan Radić, Juan Grimm, Voluspa Jarpa, Fernando Casasempere, Sheila Hicks, and our catalogue includes books that are academic references in Art and Architecture careers. Our books have reached the front line of display windows and libraries around the world, and we have achieved important awards (Best Book Design from all over the World and Altazor).

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