Trackitagro, Plataforma de Gestión para la actividad agrícola


Mediante formularios digitales, la plataforma permite hacer trazabilidad de : Semillas : desde recepción a siembra. Cosecha : desde corte de frutos y recepción en packing, (con códigos QR o de barra). Post cosecha : análisis de rendimiento por cuartel, por especies. Pallets en Packing : seguimiento con tecnología para medir temperatura y humedad de la permanencia de cada pallet dentro del packing o cámaras frigoríficas. De productores : desde la recepción hasta al procesamiento de la fruta y seguimiento del comportamiento de su cultivo. Fitosanitaria : registro de enfermedades y plagas


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Xmartic is a company specialized in activities related to monitoring, traceability and agricultural management. We help farmers to have more efficient crops in production, quality, cost reduction and have remote access to manage them. We incorporate soil and environmental sensors for a better analysis and alert to events that may affect the crop, allowing to reduce risks or mitigate them in time. Our sensors are autonomous in energy and communications, wireless with a long range of 2 Kms, batteries with a duration of 2 years and easy to operate, no specialist is required for installation or to move them from one area to another. As the application is in the cloud, you only need internet to see the information of my crops at the time I want, from wherever I am and with the device I have at hand. Translated with (free version).

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