Vehice has a large number of toxicology markers where it can accurately identify if a tissue has toxic concentrations. It has also developed algorithms to calculate concentrations of the same.

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Vehice is a company dedicated to applied research in animal health and welfare. To deliver a robust proposal to our clients, we have a modern laboratory infrastructure in Chile and we have agreements with universities in Scotland and the United States, for optimal sample processing, with cutting-edge techniques. These results are analyzed by pathologist experts who specialize in species and functional systems, which are found around the world, thanks to advances in telemedicine. Our proposal is always to give an agile and precise response, to diagnose in a timely manner the pathologies that could generate losses either in productive plants and / or pets. Our current focus and specialization is in aquaculture, with a great knowledge on the part of our team in the vast majority of pathologies that affect the different species of fish and / or molluscs.

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