Creating audiovisual entertainment


Creating audiovisual entertainment


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Creating audiovisual entertainment content with social impact, as a tool to manage emotions and develop meaningful bonds based on kindness and love. Collecting Smiles is one of the biggest creative ventures in development with the American agency Kindness Media Studios. It emerged in 2013 as a photographic and audiovisual project to represent the ethnic diversity and cultural richness of the 7 continents, with stories that inspire us to smile. This creative proposal invites us on a journey of personal growth through children's stories, an animated series, and a movie, which aim to promote respect, optimism, and wellbeing, inspiring the world to believe in the beauty of dreams. These stories are inspired by the adventures of a little rag doll named Robi, who has traveled 77 countries collecting smiles, showing us that everything in life has a purpose and that a smile from Tarapacá can light up the whole world.

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