Aplicaciones móviles y videojuegos


Desarrollo de aplicaciones móviles y videojuegos


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Creativity and innovation is the hallmark of Innovadesert, which is dedicated to the development of mobile applications and video games as valuable technological solutions that meet the requirements of each client. One of the company’s star products is the kick boxing video game "K1 Latam," which is a cross-platform game that incorporates real competitors of the sport and non-invasive advertising through product placement. A first expansion is set to reach Central America and Mexico, under the name "K1 Panamerica." In the mobile applications sector, the company creates and develops markerless augmented reality that incorporates fictitious elements, which can be seen through a smartphone camera, creating mixed realities where the user can have fun and experience a unique reality. These products are a novelty for sectors such as tourism, education, and retail.

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