Leaching Process Engineering


Leaching Process Engineering


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Biohydro.cl's mission is to increase production by implementing comprehensive and innovative solutions in leaching processes. The company has amassed a unique know-how in hydrometallurgy, increasing the efficiency and productivity of large mining projects. Over 25 years of innovation and development, Biohydro has contributed products and services such as the Leachtrol system for smart monitoring and control of leaching programs and FilmTherm2 thermal films that increase heap temperature and developments in air injection for sulfide leaching. The quality of services and value-added products to meet the challenges required by the industry have allowed Biohydro to serve companies such as BHP Billiton Spence and Cerro Colorado, Minera Escondida, Codelco DRT - Chuquicamata, Teck QB and CDA, FMI Morenci and Safford, Antofagasta Minerals, Collahuasi, El Abra, Cobre del Mayo and Cerro Verde

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