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ALFI has developed a friendly technology to face the challenge of financial education and inclusion that has been recognized and implemented in Mexico, Peru, Colombia and Chile

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Alfi for Financial Literacy was born in Start-Up Chile, with a project that identified the need to promote financial education in the country that will help people to be better prepared to make good decisions about their finances Alfi is the 1st fintech of Chilean origin and the only one in Latin America to sign an alliance with the Government of Mexico to promote financial education and inclusion, massively connecting adolescents and young adults with the Financial System for free, reducing their ignorance and mistrust, while they learn by playing from their mistakes avoiding making them in the real world We already have open places in Chile, Peru, Mexico and soon in Colombia. Since 2020 we are #TOP 50 of Financial Inclusion Worldwide. We have received the ICT America Award delivered by YABT and the OAS, and the ODS Award These awards and recognitions have allowed us to fulfill the objective of Alfi what is: Increase Financial Education in the World!

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