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Bruma: 2D stealth Metroidvania hand-drawn animated experience for PC & Switch with a strong emphasis on narrative worldbuilding. The player plays with "Luna", a female cat that has lost her old human friend, and eldery woman, who escaped from her home losing her memories.


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4HA Games Studios SpA is a computer company for creative audiovisual experiences, developing video games for PCs, mobiles and consoles. The founders and main team come with experience in the areas of information technology (AI, ML), cinematography and animation that give us the possibility of increasing the quality of our project. It has the organizational skills to manage multidisciplinary team projects in creative areas where it has had public and private funding. It has been awarded and nominated in international competitions at GCA Awards 2019 USA, first place at Big Indie Pitch PC (Gamescom 2019) Germany, nominated for GWB by Tencent (China) and selected for Tokyo Game Show 2019, Japan. It has the direct support of Microsoft and a certified developer for Nintendo Switch. Strong narrative component along with a high component of IT and business development in the industry.

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