Presumido 2018


“Presumido” is a tribute to the incredible way the Carménère is expressed in Maipo Norte. It is a balanced wine that is very easy to drink. Its elaboration involves fudres, concrete eggs, and barrels of various previous uses, highlighting the attributes of fruit and the variety’s typicity in that specific terroir.

"Presumido 2018"
Grapes: Carménère 85%, Carignan 5%, Cabernet Sauvignon 6%
Harvest: 2018
Alcohol: 13,5%


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In 1998, the Bauzá family, pioneers in the production of pisco, ventured into planting 100 hectares of an organic vineyard in the area of Tiltil, Maipo Valley. Due to the climatic conditions of the place, they concentrated on the production of red varieties. It is not until 2011 when Rodrigo Bauzá and his father, Lorenzo Bauzá, launch the first wine from this terroir and name it Ensamblaje casa Bauzá. This is the starting point for the development of a work that today is reaping the fruits. Much of this success is due to its Presumido label, a very special Carménère that came to the market to stay.

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