Steel Cut Oats


Es el producto obtenido del grano de avena previamente limpio, descascarado, estabilizado y picado, el cual es estabilizado entre 100 - 105ºC (vapor) durante 20 minutos, esto es un tratamiento térmico para inactivar sus enzimas, principalmente lipasa, evitando así su enranciamiento por hidrólisis enzimática, libre de aditivos y conservantes químicos. 100% natural, sin aditivos, sin preservantes ni colorantes. A base de grano picado seleccionado.

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We are Oats producers, processors and exporters, with more than 100 years in the agricultural sector. Our new processing plant opened in 2018 has state-of-the-art technology and top-level certifications. We offer all kinds of Oat Flakes, Whole and Chopped Stabilized Peeled Oats in bulk formats (25 kgs bags) or retail format, Agropel branded or private labels. We are HACCP and Halal certified and we are in the process of BRC certification. We are vertically integrated: An important part of our raw materials come from our own fields, we control the industrial process and the export of our finished products.

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