Kfroth, sistema de imágenes de espuma de flotación que nutre de información a OTR para generar la acción correcta en le momento correcto, forma parte del sistema de análisis de imágenes que potencia nuestro ecosistema de optimización.

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Kapptek is a Chilean company that develops optimization technology for mineral processing plants. It was born in 2014 with its own capital, and the same year it was internationalized to the Mexican market. We have offices in both countries, a team with extensive international operating experience, artificial intelligence consultants in the Netherlands and Belgium, and also software development engineers located in the city of Bangalore in India, who allow us to accelerate our developments to the benefit of our clients. We currently offer OTR, an optimization platform for mineral processing plants, Krock and Kfroth, flotation rock and foam imaging system and AMINA metallurgical balance platform that together form an optimization ecosystem, which integrates all the variables of the process. for operational improvement and sustainability.

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