Live Show Cantando Aprendo


Cantando Aprendo live show, is an entertaining live music proposal for children from 0-7 years old. Bulublú, Maxi, Lulú on vocals, along with 4 talented musicians (guitar, bass, keyboard and drums) are in charge of interpreting, in versions, some of the best-known songs created by speech therapists to help language development. Children and adults will sing and dance with great hits such as El Cajón de las Vocales, Canta AEIOU, Count With Me, Planetas, Abracadabra, Rapidales, etc.
El Conejo Barrigón and Lobito Caulimón accompanies Bulublú in this entertaining show, which for many will be… her first recital!



  • Gender equality.

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More information

Cantando Aprendo a Hablar is an audiovisual material created in 1989 by Chilean speech therapists to support the development of language, both in the linguistic and auditory aspects, in pre-school children, starting from the pre-linguistic stage (first months of life) until the acquisition of basic vocabulary in Spanish and English. The Cantando Aprendo a Hablar material has remained for almost three decades focused on families committed to the learning and education of boys and girls, becoming an excellent alternative to deliver entertaining and educational content in the face of the diversity of stimuli that are available today. on broadcast TV and in the digital world.

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